Get to Know Water Buffalo

Water buffalo around the fire

Bison? Buffalo? Water buffalo? What’s the difference?

To some folks, there’s not too much apparent difference between bison and buffalo. In fact, many use the term bison and buffalo interchangeably.

Bison are native to North America and water buffalo come from Asia and Africa. Water buffalo vary in temperament. African Cape water buffalo can be quite wild and dangerous, while Asian water buffalo – the buffalo that live at Reverent Acres – are more friendly and better suited to farm life.

Close up of a water buffalo.

At Reverent Acres we raise water buffalo. Their calm temperament was the best fit for our farm. The first water buffalo in Canada arrived in Duncan on Vancouver Island in 2000.

Fast Nutritional Facts about Buffalo Meat

  • Lower fat than grass fed beef and is therefore lower in cholesterol and better for your heart
  • Lower calorie than beef and is one of the lowest-calorie meats
  • High in zinc which is important in increasing white blood cells to fight off infections
  • High protein, iron, and vitamin B12

    Water buffalo (or Asian buffalo as it is often called) is the largest member of the Bovini tribe, which includes yak, bison, African buffalo, various species of wild cattle, and others. You can read more about water buffalo here. While water buffalo aren’t originally from Canada, they’re right at home here in our warmer climate.

    Water buffalo roaming

    Buffalo Kerfuffle

    Did you know that in the song “Home on the Range”, they’re actually singing about bison and not buffalo? Bison are native to North America and roamed the plains, and buffalo were brought over from Asia and Africa.