Our Story

Our family at Reverent Acres

From our farm to your table

Our names are Matt and Kim and we're the grateful owners of Reverent Acres. We always loved the great outdoors and our relationship grew while getting to know each other hiking, biking through the valley, and camping with friends. Farming was never in our plan together, but we’ve always liked animals, farms, and working as a team.

Within our first year of marriage, we experienced some negative changes to our health. These health obstacles made us pay closer attention to the food we eat and how it affects our bodies. We found the best way to know exactly how healthy the food we eat is, was for us to grow it ourselves! In our journey to find healthier food alternatives, we discovered that buffalo meat is a delicious and better for you alternative to most meats.

What are the health benefits of water buffalo? Buffalo meat is lower in fat and cholesterol than beef. It is packed with protein, iron, omega 3, vitamin B12 and is high in zinc, which is important in increasing white blood cells to fight off infections.

What started as a dream to raise a few water buffalo, became a dream come true in finding a little piece of heaven in Bradner, Abbotsford - just a few properties away from where Kim’s mother grew up! In 2015, we jumped right into hobby farm life, with a small brood of chickens, a couple steers, pigs followed by a flock of American Blackbelly Sheep. We loved farm life so much we decided to go all in with Reverent Acres!

Water buffalo huddling around a fire at Reverent Acres

Reverent Acres’ first buffalo arrived in our second winter on the farm. One of our greatest joys is watching the buffalo have the freedom to run, jump, live and eat well on the 60 acre farm. Three and a half years later we have 45 water buffalo happily grazing land and snuggling together at night.

While the water buffalo are our main focus, Reverent Acres also has fresh eggs from pasture raised, non-gmo fed chickens, a stunning flock of sheep, and a modest garlic crop growing among the other vegetables on our farm.

Our personal experience with sustainable and responsibly raised nutrient dense food, makes us enthusiastic advocates sharing our road to healthier living led us to Abbotsford and the surrounding areas. After several years we grew out of our farm, and decided we needed something bigger. After many months searching in the Fraser Valley, as a surprise to us all -- we found a place in Salmon Arm! With two kids we moved our babies and our animals to Salmon Arm in under a month!

We are grateful for the animals that provide not just for us but for people around the world. Our farm is named Reverent Acres as a reminder and acknowledgement of the gifts we have been given.

With Gratitude,

Matt and Kim

Our Mission

To help people live a healthier life by providing quality meat with optimum health benefits to our local communities.



We demonstrate the utmost care in how we raise our herd, our farming practices, and the quality of our meats. We are here to support our community and value the service we provide others.

Animal Quality of Life

Appreciate your meat. Our buffalo are grass fed and finished, and live free from antibiotics, hormones, and GMO feed. They roam the fields, play, and snuggle together each evening. We treat each animal humanely with respect and gratitude for the products they provide us. We have a small herd which allows us to give each animal the care and attention it deserves.


We aim to educate folks about where their meat comes from, and the difference in quality and culinary experience between farm raised, hormone and GMO free, grass fed and finished buffalo vs beef. Our high end cuts and better-for-you meat can be enjoyed in smaller portions than beef due to the quality that can be tasted in every bite. We chose buffalo because of the health benefits compared to beef such as: less cholesterol, more minerals, higher protein, omega-3, iron and low fat.

Land Stewardship

Grazing buffalo improve the quality of the land they live on by returning nutrients to the ground; therefore increasing the value and productivity of the land over time. Manure provides carbon to the soil which improves the oxygen in the soil, water drainage, retention, and reduces the risk of erosion and nutrient leaching.